2022  Spring  Specials ! 

We are taking orders and reservations on the following bareroot plants for spring 2021

Bareroot plants are easier to install and affordably priced.  These plants are offered on a                                            short term basis in the spring. Bareroot means plants are offered with no soil attached to                                            the root of the plant.  Early spring is the only time we recommend planting bareroot plants.                                     

Bareroot plants are sold farm direct, no guarantee is implied.  

Reservations are strongly encouraged so you do not miss out! 

The plants we offer are of top quality!  Plants will be well branched and well rooted! Plants

are locally grown, fresh dug, and well suited for our region!

Most plants offered will typically be ready to plant/install during the first 2 weeks of April.   

Be sure to call/text to arrange a day/time for your order to be prepared/packaged. 

We appreciate 24 hours notice.    


($2-$4 each) (please order bareroot evergreens in multiples of 10 per size/type) 

When ordering in Smaller quantities: add 50 cents to the price listed)

Norway Spruce: 

Fast growing, deer resistant, 4 year trees. 

2-3 ft tall

1-9 trees:  $5.50 each

10-59 trees:  $4.50 each

60 or more:  $4.25 each

White Spruce:  deer resistant, moderate to fast growing.  3 year trees. 3 sizes to select from: 

( up to 18 in, $2) (18-24 in, $2.75) ( 24-36 in, $3.50)

Serbian Spruce:  deer resistant, moderate to fast growing. Colored underside to needle.

3 year trees. 2 sizes to select from: 

(up to 12 in, $2) (12-18 in, $2.75) 

White Pine:  Michigan's state tree!  Fast growing, long needles. 4 year trees.  3 sizes to select from:

(up to 14 in, $2)    (14 -18 in, $3 )    (18-30 in, $4)  SOLD OUT

Fraser Fir:  Soft needled, grows in beautiful pyramidal form. 3 year trees.

2 size to select from: 

(up to 12 in, $2.75) (12-18 in, $3.50)  

Canaan Fir:  Soft needled, grows in beautiful pyramidal form.  Tolerates heavier soils. 3 year trees.

(up to 12 in, $2.75) (12-18 in, $3.50)  

Concolor Fir:  Soft needled, longer needles than most firs.  Blue/green in  coloration. Deer resistant. 3 year trees.

Excellent Christmas tree, trees have citrus like aroma.  

(up to 12 in, $2.75) (12-18 in, $3.50) 

Green Giant Arborvitae

Fast Growing, Deer Resistant, Makes a great screen!  Grows 30 -40 ft tall and 15-20 ft wide.  

Bareroot:  (up to 18 inches tall, $5), (18-24 inches $6),

(quart size containers. $6  farm direct pricing, no guarantee implied)


Eastern Red Cedar: Excellent for dry, well drained soils.  Tolerates dry weather better than any evergreen.                                                      Good food source for wildlife.(12-18 in, $2.75)  SOLD OUT

Fruiting Plants: 

Top Quality bareroot fruit trees are available (most offerings are 6-8 ft tall, nicely branched) . 

Apple, Pear and Cherry require more than one variety for cross pollination to ensure good fruit set.

Apple (Delicious, Freedom, Hazen, Honeygold, Liberty, Royal Gala, Red Fuji) $35

(Snow Sweet, Sweet 16*, Wine Crisp, Zestar) $39

(Premium sizes available, 1-1.25 inch diameter stem, well branched.(Honeycrisp, Hazen, McIntosh, Fireside, Sweet 16) $49

Contact us for availability on apple, some items are sold out.

Pear: (Bartlett, Bosc) Large 1 inch diameter trunk with well branched structure. $45 SOLD OUT

Cherry. (Lapin, Stella, Sweet Cherry Pie) Large 1 inch diameter trunk with well branched structure.  8-10 ft bareroot $49

Peach (Contender):  Freestone, sweet and juicy.  Overwinters well in our region.  7-9 ft bareroot $45 SOLD OUT


Mt. Royal Plum: Considered the best blue plum for the midwest, good eaten off the tree, excellent for dessert, jam, preserves.  11/16 in stem, well branched, 5-7 ft tall.  $35  SOLD OUT

Paw Paw:  Largest size fruit produced of any Native American fruit tree.  Mango like flavor.  Limited supply.  1-2 ft bareroot $7.50,     

Persimmon: Native fruiting tree.  Similar in taste to Apricot, adaptable to most soil types.  Plant several for cross pollination. 2-3 ft, bareroot, $9.50

Dolgo Crabapple:  Produces large edible crabapples, great for attracting deer, turkeys and other wildlife. 

Bareroot pricing: (1-2 ft $2.50)  (6-7 ft, $39.50) (7-8 ft, $49) 

Whitney Crabapple:  Produces large edible crabapples, great for attracting deer, turkeys and other wildlife.   Heavy producer. 

Great for fresh eating  (6-7 ft, $39.50)  SOLD OUT


Serviceberry:  Early to bloom in spring with white flowers.  Tolerant of moist soils. Red-purple edible fruit in June.  2 ft plants.  $5.50 SOLD OUT


Darrow Blackberry:  Reliable producer of large crops of top quality fruit.  $7.50 SOLD OUT

Caroline Raspberry:  One of the most productive for the Midwest.  Large tasty fruit.  $6  SOLD OUT

Somerset Seedless Grape:  Excellent flavor, heavy bearing. Performs well in our area.  $9.75  SOLD OUT

Mary Washington Asparagus:  Strong growing, productive variety.   $2.50  SOLD OUT

Strawberry:  (Ft Laramie, everbearing.  Great fresh, freezing, preserves)  Strong growing, productive variety.   $1.50 each bareroot

(Ozark Beauty: Everbearing, Great flavor, excellent fresh or frozen) $1.50 each bareroot  SOLD OUT

Shade Trees:

Princeton Gold Maple:  Bright yellow/ chartreuse leaves brighten the landscape.  This is offered in a large 1 in diameter stem, 10/12 ft tall, well branched.  Bareroot pricing $85

Crimson King Maple:  Deep red/purple leaves through the growing season.  This is a large, well branched tree, 1.25 inch in diameter, 10/12 ft tall. Bareroot pricing $89   SOLD OUT

Redpointe Maple:  Fast growing.  Spectacular red fall colors.  This is a large, well branched tree, atleast 1 inch in diameter, 8/10 ft tall.                      Bareroot pricing $85  SOLD OUT

Commemorations Sugar Maple:  Spectacular red-orange fall color.  This is a large, well branched tree, atleast 1 inch in diameter, 9-11 ft tall.  Bareroot pricing $85 SOLD OUT

Sienna Glen Maple:  Fast growing.  Spectacular red/orange/yellow fall colors.  This is a large, well branched tree, SEEDLESS atleast 1.25 inch in diameter, 8/10 ft tall. Bareroot pricing   $95 & $75

Autumn BlazeMaple:  Fast growing.  Spectacular red fall colors.  This is a large, well branched tree, SEEDLESS, atleast 1.25 inch in diameter, 8/10 ft tall. Bareroot pricing $89 

Red Maple:  Spectacular Fall Color ranging from yellow to orange to red!

Smaller sized plants.(stem is approximately 3/8 diameter)   Bareroot pricing:  $3.50 

October Glory Red Maple:  Spectacular, long lasting crimson red Fall color!  Fast growing!  2-3 ft small container $7.50 

Exclamation Sycamore:  Fast growing, attractive exfoliating bark, strong central leader, tolerates poor drainage. 1.25 inch diameter stem,

(2-3 ft, small container $7.50) (10  -12 ft tall. bareroot  $85)

Frontier Elm:  Fast growing, attractive purple/red fall color.  Disease resistant.  6-8 ft bareroot  $59  SOLD OUT


Heritage Oak:    Fast growing, produces abundant acorns at an early age (great for wildlife).  A magnificent Oak! 

(4-5 ft branched/container:  $59/$79),  (7-9 ft bareroot, $75)  (8-10 ft container $149/$199)

Red Oak:  Fast growing, adaptable tree.   1.5-2 ft, bareroot, $3.50  SOLD OUT

Whitespire Birch:  Disease/insect resistant birch with light colored, smooth bark.  

1.5-2.5 ft   Bareroot pricing:  $4.50 

River Birch:  Disease/insect resistant birch with light colored,exfoliating bark.  Adaptable to wide range of soils, including moist. Fast growing. 

(stem is approximately 3/8 inch diameter)   Bareroot pricing:  $3.50  SOLD OUT

Quaking Aspen:  Adaptable to many soil types.  Dramatic yellow fall colors. Lighter colored bark.  Great for naturalizing.   

1- 2ft  Bareroot pricing :$4.50 (Available 2024)

Northern Catalpa:  Fast growing, adaptable tree.  Large white blooms in June.  1-2 ft, bareroot, $3.50  SOLD OUT

Mixed Hardwood Package:  A mix of 10 trees (may contain maple, birch, oak, catalpa, aspen) for only $30. 

This special is a random mix, will contain at least 3 different selections in the 1-2 ft size).  SOLD OUT

Flowering Trees & Shrubs:

Minnesota Redbud:  Highly prized for long lasting magenta blooms.  Very tolerant of cold winters.  Performs well in our area.

(1-2 ft, $3.50)  (6-7 ft, $59)  (7-8 ft, $69)  (8-10 ft, $79)

Kousa Dogwood:  Later blooming (less likely to be damaged by frost), white 4 petaled flowers, beautiful red/purple fall color. 

Cold tolerant.  3-4 ft, bareroot, $9.50  SOLD OUT

Chanticleer Pear:  Glossy green leaves turn deep purple in fall.  Covered in white blooms early spring.  Upright, compact form. 

1 inch stem/8-10 ft tall  Bareroot pricing:$85  SOLD OUT

Royal Raindrop Crabapple:   Deep wine leaves turn brighter shades of red in fall.  Covered in pink blooms early spring.  Tiny fruit/no mess!  

7-8 ft tall, Bareroot pricing:$65 

Purple Lilac:  Beautiful blooms and fragrance.  Nice screen! Performs best in full sun.  2 ft bareroot plants.  $4  SOLD OUT

Spice Bush:  Good shrub for naturalizing! Adaptable to dry to moist soils. Performs best in partial sun/shade. Pale yellow early spring blooms.   

A tea can be made from the aromatic leaves and twigs, and the dried and powdered fruit can be used as a spice.

18-24 in bareroot plants, $4 

Also Available:

Bareroot shrubs, shade trees, ornamental trees & more!  Reserve & Save $$$.  This is a partial list of current availability. 

Interested in something else?  Please reach out to us!  We may be able to special order exactly what you are looking for.  We are happy to get back with you on availability and pricing.  

To place an order or for further information:

Phone: (Call or text):  810.614.9828

Email:  lee@thesupernursery.com

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